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Advanced Certification Issuance And Authentication System Using Blockchain Technology.


ACACHAIN system provides a searchable and unchangeable record of students’ certifications, resume, and achievements. In addition, ACACHAIN system has a special digital currency called “ACACOIN” used in required transactions such as certificate signing and purchasing products and services offered by various markets. ACACHAIN system provides a consistent service with the highest security standards.

ACACHAIN System Services

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Transaction System

Every occurred transaction contains digital currency sent from the sender to the receiver.

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Certification System

Certifications are issued, signed and verified from both educational institute and governmental parties.

Digital Currency

A digital currency called “ACACOIN” is used in transactions made between related approved parties.

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Monitoring System

Having statistical results for signed certificates, number of students, employees, and total income and outcome.


Facilitating Certifications Issuance and Validation

Managing Students’ Scholarships Funds

Improving Quality of Educational Institutes Services.

Regulate The Education System

Decreasing Number of Mediators Approving Certificate

Reducing Paper Overuse

Whom ACACHAIN Benefits


The government has a comprehensive control of the education management operations related to certifications issuance and authentication. In addition, it can make a systematic analysis of the education market to study weakness and strength points to maintain high-quality educational services.

Educational Institutes

Educational institutes can easily manage certificates issuance, signature, and validation procedures. As certifications get approved, they are saved in a server and used by relevant parties.


Teachers hold their certifications and resume signed in ACACHAIN system so they can use them when applying for jobs. Also, teachers receive fees for their delivered training courses and services as a digital currency in which they can use in purchasing offered products and services.


Students hold their certificates and resume signed in ACACHAIN system so they can use them when applying for jobs or studying abroad. Moreover, Students use the digital currency "ACACOIN" to facilitate their money activities such as purchasing products and services.

Markets and Business Owners

Markets and business owners offer their products and services for purchase using digital currency and an easy-used mobile application. Furthermore, business owners can contact qualified applicants within the wanted field at low costs as they can verify their certificates by using ACACHAIN system.

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